Pembroke Haven Yacht Club

Hobbs Point, Pembroke Dock

Good morning to you all from another glorious sunny morning in Padstow. Unfortunately it is still very cold unless you're in the sun and out of the wind. Bumped into Barry Kingston and Alison yesterday. Berthed over in the corner on their motor boat. Looking forward to a beer with Alan Pritchard if he makes it down for tonight's gate. Have a good sail mate. Plans for today are getting there. Need to tidy boat a bit cos Jennie is bringing Doug down so can't let her think we are slobs. Lol. Also hope to have a go at connecting new DSC radio to chart plotter bet its harder than the book makes it look. I suppose if we get stuck we can phone gadget man James to help. Failing that I do have the number of Neyland Marine who did talk me thro it last Friday, even if half of what he said went straight over my head. Probably all as clear as muck once we get started. Doug arrived at about half 1 and conducted a quick inspection. Happy with boat so far. Fitted new radio and got it working but struggling to get it to talk to the GPS. Have double checked wiring and we think all is well but probably not, maybe time for a pint and some thinking time.  Couple of pints and thinking time done so back at boat ready to do battle with the darn radio again. Can connecting 4 wires really be this difficult? Ok don't answer that I know who is trying to do this. Yippee wasn't the wiring after all. Chris and I had got that right what we needed to do was a bit of setting up to get the 2 instruments to talk to each other. But all seems good now and kettle on. Not just pretty faces then. John Williams (John the Bank) called by this afternoon. He is staying in the Old Customs house for a couple of days. Think Jenny S may have tipped him off we were here. The fair is all set up in the corner of the harbour and one lad has just decided to jump into the harbour. That's gotta be cold. Been out for food and bumped into Alan Pritchard and Andy who cajoled us into a pint in the Customs house. They had a spell of 4hrs with no wind (lucky Andy) but seemed very happy to be in. Back at boat now for a little scotch and a natter. Bob and Ruth Keys just got in and rafted outside Peter George. Nice to see them here. Bit weary now so scotch is obviously having its desired effect. Night all sleep well.

01 May 2013 09:09:00 Categories: Maelstrom


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