Pembroke Haven Yacht Club


Picnic on the pontoon

Posted by ALISTAIR LINDSAY 24 June 2013 22:15:00

To be or not to be, that is the question! There is an outer pontoon in Dale and the intention was to have a gentleman's race to Dale on Sunday 30th June 2013, followed by a picnic on the pontoon. The problem being that the pontoon went and damaged itself a while ago, and as far as I'm aware hasn't been replaced as of today. We can have half a picnic, on half a pontoon, or we can raft up and have a rock and roll time. The choice is yours. If anyone has the ability to play a musical note on an instrument then please bring yourself and the instrument along for a ho-down. Seriously, it should be a fun day, if the weather decides to play ball. An 'E'  mail will go out re the event shortly.