Pembroke Haven Yacht Club


Centenary Celebrations - 10th August - 10am

06 August 2014 09:09:00

Boat Jumble will be a 10am Start. Stalls need to be set up prior to 10am.  If anyone would like a pitch this will be £10.    The Club will be running a stall and are happy to sell any items on your behalf.  They will take 10% commission and donate this to the RNLI.

Any donations to the Cake and/or Bottle stalls would also be welcome. Donations can be dropped off at the Club during opening times or on Sunday morning after 9am.

If you are planning on Racing on the day, the race will be a 'pursuit' race commencing at 1pm and lasting until approximately 2.15pm.  Rob Murton would like those planning to race to contact him beforehand as he has to work out start times.  

This Day is a 'big' day for the Club and if there is anyone out there who can spare the time to help out on a stall or the BBQ following the race, we would be very grateful.  

The Bar will be open from 12 noon and BBQ will follow the pursuit race

Pembroke Dock Bicentenary Regatta on 10 August will be a lap course round the cans for the benefit of spectators on Hobbs Point and to this end we propose make it a pursuit race. This means pre-registration is essential as we need to calculate the start time for each boat. Also we have a limited window of opportunity between the rowing races and the ferry sailing. So anyone turning up 10 minutes before the start and expecting to enter the race by calling us on VHF will not be welcome.